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*What is Regenovue ?

REGENOVUE is made by hyaluronic acid so called ‘HA’ which is known as the safest ingredient of
filler product adding 100% cross-linked structure between each molecule to long-lasting duration.
size to choose one following injected region.


* Regenovue 특징

  • High Quality Hyaluronic Acid (고순도의 HA)

    비동물성: 미생물 유래
    박테리아에서 추출한 천연 물질
    고순도(엔도톡신 < 0.0015IU/mg)
    생분해성 (자연 분해 및 흡수)
  • Highly Cross Linked (높은 가교율)

    가교제: BDDE
    특별한 가교 기술 (특허 출원중)
    볼륨감 및 지속성 향상
  • High Viscosity (고 점탄성)

    지속성 강화
    피부조직을 견고하게 지지하여 탄력유지
  • Highly Consistent Monophasic Structure (안정된 모노페직)

    규칙적이고 조밀한 패턴
    안정적이고 일정한 구조
    자연스러운 볼륨
    부드러운 주입감
  • Having Full Line-Up (풀 라인업)

    주입부위/사용 용도에 따른 6종류 (Lidocaine 선택 가능)
    시술자와 환자의 만족

    * 비교분석

    Thanks to regular and compact structure than other products,
    REGENOVUE gives natural volume-up effect with even injection pressure.
    And it maintains the volume effectively in its duration lasting.


    * Regenovue Type


      Superficial wrinkles / Periorbital Lines / Glabellar Lines / Worry Lines / Lobule / Perioral Lines

      Middle wrinkles Augmentation / Nasolabial Folds/ Deep glabellar Lines / Deep worry Lines
      Perioral Lines / Zygoma, Chin / Porehead augmentation / Lips prosthesis / contouring / Nose ridge
    • SUB-Q / SUB-Q PLUS

      Deep wrinkles / Nasolabial Lines / Lips prosthesis / Zygoma, Chin
      Porehead augmentation / Nose ridge / Breast augmentation